The Old Car Nut Book series is a project that was long overdue. For many years, print media and online destinations have focused on the cars, from project to show quality, and the major icons in the old car hobby; those individuals that have stood out from the crowd in a professional, usually business promotion manner.

This book project focuses on the everyday people involved in the old car hobby and their stories from the time that cars first caught their eye to their latest project... and they tell their stories in first person, not as articles written about them. The Old Car Nut Books ask people just like you to dig deep into your memories and old photos and tell your unique stories from your own perspective.David Dickinson in his 1960 Austin Healey

So, please take a moment right now and start gathering your photos and writing your stories! We're excited to hear from you and the world is waiting to read YOUR stories! You can get the first two books in the series on Amazon.

Send your Road Trip and Racing stories and photos for books three and four to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. right now! Please check the menu item "How To Submit" to find complete details.

About the Editor, David Dickinson

It seems my life has always revolved around cars.

As a child, I would lay around the living room, playing with my Lincoln logs, designing homes and landscape designs that would include LOTS of parking spaces for all of the cars I planned to own. As a teenager, I bought my first car, a 1956 Chevy BelAir with the money I had saved from working on farms, mowing lawns, paper routes... anything that would pay me so I could get a car when I turned 16. From then David Dickinsonon, it was all about keeping the car running to its peak performance, polishing it until it shined like new and cruising around showing the world my great little ride!

Ah, but alas, I grew up. Well, kind of. I guess I never got away from cars. I always seemed to be looking for my next car as the years rolled by, just like the odometer on each car.

Today, my efforts are going toward preserving the stories of regular old car guys just like you and I, and probably most of our friends, through The Old Car Nut Book project. If you are at this site, you are probably an old car nut and should consider sharing your tales. I hope you do and I look forward to hearing from YOU soon!


David Dickinson
Editor and Publisher
The Old Car Nut Book series, published by Evancourt Press
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