The Old Car Nut Book is an exciting new printed book project that will focus on the everyday people involved in the old car hobby and their stories from the time that cars first caught their eye to their latest project. The Old Car Nut Books asks people just like you to dig deep into your memories and old photos and tell your unique stories from your own perspective.

Readers will enjoy cherished memories and photos that usually don’t get told to more than a handful of people. You can be a part of this and we want your stories! If you think back to your first car and the things you did in and with that car, it’s a great place to start. From there you can move forward to your latest project or the special ride(s) that you enjoy today.

Certainly, discussing what you did to a car to make it what it was is important, but we’re looking mainly for the human aspect so, talk about you and the people, places and events that made an impact on you and have kept you involved playing with old iron over the years. Here’s your chance to leave your mark and tell a whole new audience what the old car hobby is all about for you.

Please go to Read Stories on the left in the red menu and see some examples of what we are looking for. We hope to hear from you soon. This book won’t write itself, so please get busy and get your stories to us right away!