Frequently Asked Questions

Why this project?

The Old Car Nut Book was designed with the idea that EVERYONE in the old car hobby has a story or two to tell.

There are many websites online and books in print that tell the stories of the legends in the hobby or that focus on the cars, but it was time to give voice to the people that make a difference in their own backyard. People just like you… Old Car Nuts!

The Old Car Nut Book provides a place for people to tell those stories that often don’t get shared outside of a garage or with a couple of buddies at the back fender of a special ride during a car show. Let’s face it… other than building your own blog or website to tell your story to the world, where are you going to go? Your family and friends will enjoy these stories and you can leave your mark in print.

You have a story to tell, don’t you?


Old Car NutsHow will I know when a new edition in The Old Car Nut Book series is available to purchase?

You can email us a request to be notified when the print edition(s) are available. Send your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Who should submit a story?

You should!

Books in The Old Car Nut Book series are written by individuals active in the old car hobby. These people range from the average Joe at a car show to collectors/restorers, etc that are very well known and respected in their local communities. In the end, The Old Car Nut Book series is about people just like you. Stories may be submitted by well known celebrities or the icons that are written about all the time, but we really like to hear from the average Joe.

The Old Car Nut Books give readers an opportunity to find out more about people they may never hear about otherwise. Many times the stories go back quite a few years to when people were young and include photos that go with the story. But, not everyone took photos when they were younger. If you don't have photos, please send your stories anyway. Words have a way of painting a picture and we want your stories.

You can tell a story about when you were young or well, old… from a long time ago to something that happened just last week.

The next two books in the series will focus on Road Trips and then Racing. The Road Trips book will be published in May, so get your stories in now, while there still space left in the book.


Can I submit a story and pictures from someone else?

When you submit a story and images, we require that you have the right to publish that story and those images. Your submission is your acknowledgment that you own those rights. So, you write about your family members or old friends, but The Old Car Nut Book reserves the right to use stories and photos in any of our online or print publications and in any advertising and promotions and we do not want to violate copyright laws. Please do not send us something unrelated to you that you found online or in a magazine.


What about a story from a family member that has passed?

Many of our favorite stories come from family members, don’t they? While it is difficult to lose family members, we can preserve their stories. Time has a way of eroding our memory or the number of people that we haven’t told the story to already. The Old Car Nut Book can be your way of preserving and passing on those special stories to a whole new audience.

If you have a family member that is getting on in years or has failing health, NOW would be a good time to start gathering stories and information to go along with their old pictures.

Send those old stories and photos, please.


What if I don’t have a digital copy of the photo I want to send?

There are many places you can go these days to have your photos scanned or duplicated. Once scanned and downloaded to your computer, you can simply attach the photos in your email submission.

NOTE: Resolution should be 300dpi or larger to convert to print as clearly as possible.


If I don't have the time or inclination to send stories, is there another way I can contribute?

Yes, there is. I am taking this project on full time and need to do a lot of traveling to car shows and to people's homes. Your financial support would be welcome. If you would like to contribute, please send your check made out to David Dickinson to the following address:

David Dickinson
8305 25th Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98117

You can contact me by phone at 206-497-3197