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Car guys are not big on writing things down, but they love to tell stories. As such, there is an oral tradition that goes back to the cavemen, the early tribes, and includes post Gutenberg groups of oral storytellers such as sailors and cowboys.

David Dickinson is a car guy who likes to tell stories, and long ago he found out that others do too. He began writing down some of his stories, and he asked others to do the same. The result is The Old Car Nut Book, a collection of nearly 60 narratives about wanting, dreaming about, buying, modifying, wrecking or selling a car that had significance in a guy’s life (and one woman!).

The guys are not writers but they are good storytellers and, for the most part, they tell the kind of story that other car nuts want to hear. A busted transmission, the problem of double dating in a two passenger car, parents who say no, building a car in the driveway, a run-in with the law.

These are archetypical stories that all car nuts of a certain age can relate to. Those guys are the audience for this book. It is a nicely done paperback, 290 pages in length, perfect bound, with about 80 small black and white photos.
Al Drake, Author & Automotive Journalist in Cruzin’ Magazine


Burt Levy, who wrote the famous series of racing novels beginning with “The Last Open Road” was turned down by every publisher in the business. So he went out and self-published his novels and sold well over $1 Million in books. He’s still writing and publishing for himself. That’s the beauty of the modern world - a person with a good idea doesn’t need a big publisher any more.

Similarly, David Dickinson’s “The Old Car Nut Book” is his own creation - undiluted by the mass market publisher’s notion of what people might buy. The result is that Dickinson was able to perfectly capture the romance and passion that car people have for their machinery - and he did it using those people’s own words. The premise is simple, dozens of people have written their own stories and Dickinson compiled them.

The writers tell in their own words about the cars and the experiences that brought them to the hobby and that keep them involved. It’s real, it’s touching, and it makes a great book to keep on your nightstand. You can read someone’s story before bed each night and go to sleep feeling good.

“For many years, print media and online destinations have focused on the major icons in the old car hobby. My efforts are going toward preserving the stories of regular old car guys just like you and I, and probably most of our friends,” Dickinson says.  The best thing? Dickinson is already collecting stories for the sequel. You can submit a story through his website or Facebook page. 

Yes, I’ve already submitted my story, and you should too! 

You can get a copy of this book for yourself or for a great Christmas gift through Dickinson’s website.
Jeff Zurschmeide, Automotive Journalist & Author in Loud Pedal Magazine


David Dickinson has a passion for stories, writing and cars. The perfect combination to start writing car books… and not just any car book… Car Nut Books.

In the summer of 2013, I read on the internet about David’s plans to combine a selection of wonderful car related stories. He wrote that he had always been fascinated by the great stories he heard while at car shows across the country. Which led to his plan to start collecting these stories and publish them in a book. Starting with some stories from friends and locals, he used the internet to find other interesting people wanting to tell him their stories.

I contacted David to ask about his plans and at the time he was compiling the material to create The Old Car Nut Book. David told me a little bit about his plans with the book and how overwhelming he was with the huge amount of great car related stories, and that the way it looked there most likely would be more books after the one he was working on now.

I received my copy of The Old Car Nut Book shortly before Christmas, and spent some great time with it in my spare time during the holidays. The really great things about David’s book is that most of the stories are relatively short. Which makes it easy to pick up the book and read another story while you have to wait for 10 or so minutes. The photos in this review are taken from my personal copy, and as you can tell it looks well worn. I took the book everywhere if I thought I would have to spend some time waiting. It was really perfect for that.

I love automotive stories, and the stories that David combined in this book are very diverse which makes the book interesting for basically everybody who likes cars. In his book announcements David announced; as you read the stories, I’ll guarantee that “you’ll laugh and you’ll cry”. Well David sure was right about that. The stories in this book really take you back in time with the story teller and you relive his moments, good, bad, funny, or sad. Fortunately the laugh sections in the book are much more prominent that the cry sections.

For me as an European guy it was really nice to read about the old days in the US, and how people bought their first car with money saved by doing small jobs where they were teen agers. Or how families were involved buying a new cars. For readers in the US there will be a lot of stories that will remind them about their own past, and for all non US readers The Old Car Nut Books gives yet another insight of how the car influenced so many lives.


I really enjoyed reading this book, and highly recommend to it anybody wanting to read more about the old and not so old car related stories. My only down point about the book is the small size of the black and white photos inside. I’m a picture man, so I like to see a nice visual to go with the words I’m reading. But this is only personal, and it would not even stop me, from buying the next book David plans to create based on the same concept.

The fact that this book is made up of so many individual short stories makes it really fun to read. Even for those people who normally do not read all that much.
Rik Hoving in The Custom Car Chronicle


David gave me the honor of writing the forward to this great book. That may make me a bit bias but I'd feel the same way about the book if I had no connection to it at all. It is a heartwarming and laugh generating look at a simpler time when you felt like the king of the world behind the wheel of your $50 car.

Most of us car lovers can picture ourselves in each of the stories and we all knew someone like the characters in the book. Pour a cup of coffee, pick up the book and re-live the past and plan for the future.
Lance Lambert, Author, Automotive Journalist, and host of television's Vintage Vehicle Show



I was a teenager in the 1960's when many of these collected stories take place. This great book brought back many good memories from those days. The amazing part is that David has collected car guy's stories from many parts of the country and most of them share a common theme. We were engaging in the same activities and didn't even know it!!
--Steve Bender, Chairman, Washington State Hot Rod Hall of Fame


Only Five stars? What gives? It should be at least ten, then I could click off 15. This Country is full of men & women who long to have back their first car.

I am a firm believer that every car has a story (if you look for it). In David's first (of many I hope) book is a compendium of those stories, the owners & their families that puts a smile on your face, and in some cases, a tear in your eye. This was an extremely tough book to put down, and once you finished it, you longed for more.

Hopefully, David is already on top of the latter part. Very affordable and easily the ultimate gift for any gear head, EVEN IF they are no longer so. I also agree with a previous review "If cars could talk, this is the book" Looking forward to subsequent volumes, David. Keep them coming.
Ed Weichsler, Cruis'news Magazine, Detroit, MI


Car guys, and gals, love to talk about their passion for cars and especially about the cars they love.

When I created the podcast and website Cars Yeah this was one element of the show that I thought would make it interesting and attract an audience. I created a place for inspiring automotive enthusiasts to go and listen to others who share their passions.

Little did I know I would meet a true enthusiast and the publisher of two great books, David Dickinson. David was a guest on Cars Yeah and shared his passion for the automobile. Even better, David has a passion for the people in the car hobby. It is a passion that goes way back to his childhood and has been the spark in his life. Like me, David likes car stories.

He published The Old Car Nut Book #1 and it met with such enthusiasm that he published a second book, The Old Car Nut Book #2.

The great thing about David’s book is that they are real stories written by real enthusiasts across America. The authors are true die-hard automotive enthusiasts who share a little piece of their lives that is wrapped around their love for cars, bike and trucks.

Even the storytellers that were a few generations older than me touched on those timeless attributes to cars and lives that simply work, whether you are young or old. The stories are short so if you’re not a big reader, no worries. You can enjoy some time with this book and then pick it up later and enjoy some more.

If you love cars every one of these tales will strike a chord, make you laugh, and remind you of some special moment you had with a car, a person, or while on a road trip. And where else will you learn about the benefits of Super Weasel Piss on your frozen nuts? Thank you Steve Merryman.

--Mark Greene, President and Founder of  Cars Yeah

About Mark Greene

Mark Greene is the President and Founder of Cars Yeah. Cars Yeah is a podcast and website where you can listen to interviews with some of the most successful and interesting personalities in the automotive scene. Mark is the former president of Griot’s Garage Car Care Products.

Mark was instrumental in the business development, branding, merchandising, marketing strategy and overall success of the Griot’s growing it from a three-man show, operating out of a small warehouse, in to a major retail player.

After 20+ years with the company, Mark left to create his own brand with Cars Yeah.


Albert Drake Review: The Old Car Nut Book #2

From the December 2014 Issue of CruZin' Magazine...

Something for Everyone!

Once I was modern but I’ve become old-fashioned. In 1958 my dear sister gave me a manual typewriter and over the past 55 years I’ve typed about 2 million words on it (and it is never been in the shop!). I also use whiteout, carbon paper and rubber cement. I use postcards rather than email. I do not own an iPod, palm pilot, cell phone or whatzit.

I do not read books on a Kindle fire or other electronic gadget, preferring the smell of paper and ink, and the heft of a real book.

David Dickinson’s new book, "The Old Car Nut Book #2", has a nice heft. It’s a solid 262 pages, perfect bound, slick cover, good paper, thick. Also has a bunch of small black and white photos. The content is stories from a variety of car nuts with something to say, a story, generally about a car, that has been simmering for years, and the author accepted David Dickinson’s invitation to tell it. (What car nut does not have a story to tell?)

I skimmed the contents page and was attracted by the title “Alpha R. Veloce (1958-)”. I once road in a new 1958 Veloce and I can still remember the sound of the dual Webers sucking air. That’s about all I know about alphas, but the author of this tale, Steve Walker, knows his stuff. A few years ago he bought a rare 1958 Veloce Spider which he drove regularly until he had a traffic accident. Then he decided to make it a street double quote “Sprint car”; that’s unusual but he wanted to add a sidecar.

The story covers decades, and details how such a car might be built. It’s loaded with interesting information and concrete details, such as the various parts numbers and the names of Alpha experts and use sports car and motorcycle parts houses in the Seattle area. It’s the concrete references that convince me the story is “real” - the lifting of “the suspension of disbelief” - and kept me reading. Which is what a good narrative should do - insist that the reader keep turning pages, pushing us on to the end. I found the tail hugely satisfying.

There are 50s other stories in this book, ranging from a barn find model a Ford to a rocket powered motorcycle to the complete story on Charley Ryan’s hot Rod Lincoln there is, in fact, something for everyone. The book sells for $14.99 and is available on Amazon. Book number three, I’m told, will focus on road trips; everybody has one of those.

--Albert Drake of Flatout Press in CruZin' Magazine (Dec 2014)


Reviews from for The Old Car Nut Book

I really enjoyed the stories in "The Old Car Nut Book". Many of us grew up in the 60's and 70's and can relate to a lot of these stories. A couple of stories had me laughing pretty damn hard. A few even almost brought me to tears. Anyone who has a love for cars will find this book very entertaining.


I read your book Dave, last week, via my Kindle. I found it interesting and amusing as I had lived and (suffered) thru some of the same things that the authors in the book did. So, I now am reflecting on some of my miscues and transgressions, and laughing at my past. Thanks Dave, good job.


This book represents the collective compendium of automotive conciseness that so richly decorates anyone’s life that has ever or will be ever touched by the love of the automobile. We all have a story to tell. And now we all have some amazing stories to read! This is the 1st in what I hope will be an ongoing series of tomes sharing with the world our love, our daily obsessions with what ultimately becomes an extension of oneself. YOUR CAR. 

Highly recommended reading for anyone! Young or old, car nut or novice. Everyone will find something to identify with in THE OLD CAR NUT BOOK.


Lots of great stories, told from lots of different perspectives, and superbly edited by Mr. Dickinson. If you love old cars, racing, hot rodding, or just plain foolishness, you really should read this compendium. I thoroughly enjoyed it!


Great compilation of stories from people’s lives. Reading the memories of old car nuts in story form is so entertaining and a fantastic way to share the high times with family and friends from the storytellers past. Looking forward to the next COMPILATION.


Reading the stories in this book is like pulling up a lawn chair in group of old car nuts at a car show and listening to their stories. These stories are written by the people who actually lived the experiences. Thank you David for collecting them for us all.


As a contributing writer to this project, you may feel I'm a bit prejudiced to give it a good review. But, watching David compile this book of stories showed me that I am just a small part of it. The book is full of wonderful stories from a talented group of fellow car nuts, that any car guy or girl would love to read! David did a great job rounding up these stories, and making them come to life!

 Two thumbs way up for this book! Can't wait to read the second... the third... keep 'em comin' David!


I just finished reading this wonderful book and enjoyed every page!! I'm married to an old car nut and I'm kind of a car nut myself, so I can relate to the trials, tribulations and all out joy all of the contributors felt during their quest for the perfect hotrod. I look forward to future volumes. A great addition to anyone’s library-car nut or not!


Thank you for putting together a wonderful book. I am so glad to have this to pass on to my daughter so she can read more stories about our grandpa.


I bought this book a week ago and just finished it. The Old Car Nut Book is a "must have" for any gearhead who learned to drive a car. Whether it was swiping dad's car and getting caught, mowing yards to scrape $50 together for your first car, or getting your first traffic ticket, there is a short story that captures the memory. The stories also capture the feeling of an era, mostly before Kennedy was assassinated and Viet Nam was brought to us in living color by the news broadcasters at the dinner table every night. It's loud pipes, smoky tires, girlfriends and drive in movies, and the memory of your first love affair with a pile of rusty iron.


What a fun book. Everyone has a car story. This book pulls a few of them out. It is one of those books you don't want to end. If I had my way, there would be at least 20 volumes. I never tire of hearing different stories from different people. As in my cars, I like variety and this book has it. While I wait for volume 2, I think I will sit down, write, and submit my own story. That would be something to look forward to. Thank you Mr. Dickinson for putting this book together. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


A fun many stories...thanks for taking the time to do this....loved the photos, too....I shared it with my family and they all enjoyed it...will there be a second book coming ....?


With no Internet, I had a chance to read your book. Had me crying and laughing and reminiscing. Told Carole, this book is about me!! Loved it!! Great job keeping us Old Car Nut's stories alive!! Thanks, David!!


Stories are well written and heart felt. Everyone had fun memories in putting together their stories. Good book to relax and read. :)


Short little stories that are fun to read. I think older car "nuts" will really enjoy it. I bought it as a gift but got the download for free on my kindle. I got caught up in it.


I purchased two for Christmas gifts and the men in my life that received them have both made comments on how fun they are to read and all the memories that it brings back. Looking forward to the sequel.


Great book, full of stories that takes me back to my younger days back in the late 50's, 60's. Just a darn good read. Many smiles and chuckles while reading.


A self-proclaimed old car nut, David Dickinson tells it like it was and is, from back in the day when he was saving for his first wheels to present day car shows and new converts to the hobby. Tales from all walks of life, all parts of the country, about Model A's and Tri-Five Chevys, go karts, Corvettes, and even a Diamond T or two. Fifty-some tales guaranteed to please any automobile aficionado!

Is there an old car nut in your life? Buy them a copy of this page-turner and watch them smile.


If you used to show more love and attention to your old cars than you did to your old girlfriends, then this is the book for you.

This book is filled with stories of those hot summer nights, cruising the strip looking for adventure, with engines racing as hot as the hormones. Where anything could happen and usually did. Four wheels in the fast lane. Those were the days. Remember? Memory a little shaky? Well, this book will bring them all back. These stories are automotive love affairs.

Under the hood of this book lie the tales of big engines and bigger dreams, but what drives these stories are the hearts behind the wheel. That passion is what makes these stories special. This is one of those "just one more" books. "I'll just ready one more story..." It's that kind of book. This is more than a book about cars, this is a book about cars and the men (and ladies) who love them.

There are even pictures, for when you're too tired to read. Warning: If you leave a copy of this book in your bathroom, you'll notice your friends spending more time in there. So you're going to want to buy extra copies to keep that from happening. You're welcome.

If phrases like "powerful pavement pounding missile" and "racking off your pipes" gets your motor running, then it is time to grab your reading glasses, slide in behind the wheel and get ready for a sweet ride. This book rocks!


I bought this book in February and it is awesome. Great stories that hit home and a book I could not put down. My only regret is that my dad is not alive to share this with so will share with my adopted dad pop. Can’t wait for the next one, will have read this twice by the time next one is here. Love your work David and proud to call you my fb friend. So, guys and gals get out your charge card and purchase this book; if not for you then as a gift for a friend.


Easy read great short stories for gearheads and car lovers I give this my highest rating a double clutch for sure!


If you love cars, you will love this book. The stories brought back many memories of the way it was. Once you start reading this book, it’s hard to put down. This provides many examples of people who loved a specific car or type of car and how they got pleasure from driving it and fixing it. It brings back memories for the reader of some of his/her cars and trucks from back when.


So he really likes this book. It has a lot of pictures of old cars and some interesting history about each of them. He really enjoyed the book and given how hard he is to please, that's big praise. Nice heavy paper stock, as well.


This is a great book- both for "old" car nuts and "old car" nuts as well. Very well written and packed with real-life stories from the guys who owned and drove them. Takes me back to some of the great vehicles I had as a younger man… the '55 Chevy, '57 Ford and my all-time favorite… my '67 Ford F100 with a 390, dual exhaust and 6 miles per gallon! Thanks for a wonderful volume.


The stories are such a great read because they are not fiction (maybe a little embellished but that's what makes them great). I am from Tacoma WA and they hit close to home.

Great book for car history. Presents many interesting sidebars that I had never heard of before. It's a page turner which is a rarity for me.


This book made me want to write about my own car experiences. I have always been a car guy as far back as I can remember.

David did a great job pulling all of these stories together for us old car nuts to enjoy. It is a fun read with some photos that you won't find anywhere else. It is a high octane read with stories that will take you back in time to relive the wonderful days of yesteryear. I enjoy going back and re-reading some of the stories just because they bring back memories of what it was like to be a kid, saving paper route money to buy my first car and cruising to the burger stand to swap lies with my friends. Thanks David for putting this book together for us.

Great book for any car buff, especially those of us who grew up in the same era as the author. Looking forward to reading the second book in the series. A great buy!!

Lot's of stories I can relate to. Makes me think back at all the things we used to do. Gave up a lot of killer cars.


Reviews from for The Old Car Nut Book #2

Coming in with high expectations after reading the first "Old Car Nut Book" and all of the amazing stories, I wondered if the stories in book #2 would compare. It is no surprise as David Dickinson being the true car guy he is that The Old Car Nut Book #2 has put together the true stories of car guys as well as some incredible stories of his own. It is a book you cannot put down!

The raw emotions of the storytellers are captured and as I read each story, it took me back to the days of my past. As you read many stories you will be able to relate to a similar incident that happened in your past, other stories will motivate you to try something new or simply amaze and warm your heart. Both of these books are a must for true car guys everywhere!

On Page 221 is "Remembering Toro" the story of my old '72 Gran Torino Sport. I was inspired to write this story after reading "The Old Car Nut Book" (the original) given to me by my wonderful sister in law. Writing this has allowed me to reflect and reenergize. As every car guy has a story to tell, I recommend you share your stories with David. It has been amazing experience as this is more than a book; it is proof that the car hobby is alive and well and will be for generations!

I have loved cars since auto shop in high school. I even remember the teachers name "Mr. Barnes" and that was back in 1960. I have played with old cars as a hobby ever since. I read the first "Old Car Nut Book" and told my wife that I truly felt that this book was written about me.

I bought the second book in the series and loved it just as much. The author, David Dickinson, and my life has paralleled each other, so it seems. All of the stories are fun and relatable. I Highly Recommend this second book. I personally bought a dozen of them as Christmas presents. Great gift for my friends and family that love cars.

Just as great as the first book. I can’t wait for part three.

I received my copy of #2 and read it from cover to cover in two nights. The quality of the stories and the level of writing is superior to #1. That is saying a lot because #1 set a high bar to clear. It will be the rare reader who doesn't identify with at least several of the stories whether they are humorous or heart wrenching.

These are stories written by car guys but anyone who owns a car will find a bit of themselves in the works.