Well, it’s actually, not WHAT… but, WHO.

An Old Car Nut is… any individual with an interest in cars. An “Old” Car Nut may be older (50+) and have an interest in cars or an “Old Car” Nut may be young and have an interest in old cars. Potentially, everyone is an Old Car Nut.

You've spent a lifetime of buying, selling and admiring old cars and while some of them were not that old when you started admiring them, both you and the cars are older now!

Take pride in your special interest (obsession) and share with others. Please, don't keep all of those cool old stories a secret!

If it wasn't for Old Car Nuts like us, the rubber, glass and steel wouldn't have the value that it does. YOU bring value to the cars and the cars bring extra value to you.

You have a story, or two, to tell... don't you? Well, other Old Car Nuts want to know the roads YOU travelled on your way to becoming an old car nut.

The Old Car Nut Book brings you special recognition through our online presence and publications. Your personal stories make The Old Car Nut Book come to life.

The Old Car Nut Book provides a place to hear from the individuals that make this whole experience of living in the world of Old Cars more than just about the steel, glass and rubber.